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Westchester Tai Chi Center

Registration is open for our Summer Session!

In-person and online classes are available.

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Tai Chi is a Chinese system of slow and graceful movement that improves health and wellbeing. Studies show that practicing Tai Chi reduces stress and anxiety, improves balance, sharpens the connection between mind and body, and alleviates or prevents a number of medical conditions.


At the Westchester Tai Chi Center, we have developed a variety of in-person and online classes that will help you to meet your personal goals, whatever your age and fitness level. Originally founded at the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, New York, the Center holds its in-person classes in a brand new facility at St. Gregory's Church in White Plains. For directions, click here. Our Tai Chi school is accredited by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (ATCQA).


We believe that Tai Chi is for everyone, which is why we offer a free trial class, written support materials, and unlimited access to training videos that will help you to practice at home.


Join us, and learn to move more mindfully.

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The Westchester Tai Chi Center offers a variety of classes at various levels. Contact us today for a free trial class.

Tai Chi classes Westchester NY


In our traditional Tai Chi classes, students learn the Yang Style form, the most widely-practiced style of Tai Chi in the United States. Classes also include Qigong, meditation and visualization, and diaphragmatic breathing exercises. Most classes include students with various levels of experience, although we sometimes reserve a class for beginners only. All movements are done standing. 

Qigong, Neigong, Dao Yin, Tai Chi Stick

These classes cover a variety of topics on a rotating basis, delving deep into the internal arts through meditation, Qigong, Dao Yin, Tai Chi stick, and Tai Chi saber. No prior experience is necessary for most classes, although permission of the instructor is required. See our schedule of classes for current offerings and click here to learn more about our Meditation and Qigong class.


Tai Chi for balance classes
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Individual instruction is available in person or via Zoom for currently enrolled students who would like to supplement their in-class learning with more individualized corrections. Sessions can be scheduled in one-hour or half-hour blocks. E-mail or call 914-815-1922 to schedule a time. 

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Our balance classes draw on the fundamental principles of Tai Chi to address balance concerns. Each class includes traditional Tai Chi movements that have been adapted to become more balance specific. All balance classes require that participants can stand and walk unassisted. Class are offered both in-person and online.


Our Online Tai Chi for Balance class is designed to improve physical balance, and our Online Meditation and Qigong class focuses on mind-body balance. Each includes a weekly live-streamed class on Zoom. Recordings are made available for the two weeks following each class.


Our Online Tai Chi Form Training Class is appropriate for more advanced students.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healthcare modality that balances the mind and body through movement, breathing, visualization, and mindfulness. The movements are easier to learn than Tai Chi but have many of the same benefits. The class is live-streamed on Zoom and recorded so that you can attend live, use the recordings at a more convenient time, or both. You can read more about this class here.


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